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Estate Agents in Burnage offer Property selling, buying, and letting services. We offer solutions from planning and valuation to property management. Whether you need properties to let or a house to sell in Burnage, our estate agents can help you in all selling and buying matters. We know how to search for your desired residential and commercial properties, and we know how to evaluate them from the market. We update our clients regularly by giving them property information and the information of their rates. Even if you have a house for let in Burnage and are searching for potential tenants, we are here to assist you in searching for the right ones.
Estate Agents Burnage

Buy Affordable Houses Burnage

You can buy an affordable house in Burnage through our estate agents. So, stop searching because our estate agents in Burnage are here to make your beautiful house’s dream come true. We can provide all information about selling and buying property according to your budget. Moreover, we deal with every customer individually and offer them bespoke advice, which helps them make the best property decision. If you need property to let in Burnage or want to sell your house, our expert agents help you search for potential buyers and tenants.

How Can We Help You?


If you want to buy property in Burnage for the first time, you may be overwhelmed by the current market prices. But don’t worry, you are at the right place because we will thoroughly guide you about the risks and scams of buying property.


Are you worried about how to sell your house in Burnage? Are you pondering how to get the best sale for a commercial property? Our estate agents can lead you towards bespoke property selling planning. They will provide you with the vital information you need to sell your property.


Our letting agents in Burnage guide you on how to let your house and set the rates. If you have a commercial property to let in Burnage, we can find the best business people for your commercial property. We deal with many customers daily, whether there is a landlord or a tenant.

Property Management

Our estate agents help in property management honestly, and they will lead you to the right path. The reason is that we have managed a lot of property matters and we deal with customers as the property is our own. We set the best profit scales and find the right tenants for your rental properties if needed.

Bespoke Services - Estate Agents Burnage

Black Stone is the best platform where you can find professional estate agents with complete knowledge of Manchester properties. Estate agents in Burnage can help you from selling and buying to managing your properties. Our previous clients are happy with us and share their success stories with us.

Marketing your property

Our expert estate agents services are as follows;

The Best Place to Buy Property in Burnage

Burnage is the best place to buy property. You can enjoy your desired lifestyle in such a beautiful city. Manchester is the best city in the world due to its creativeness, friendliness, and natural beauty. It is also called a student’s city because many students come from different parts of the world in its universities. Similarly, Burnage is also a significant part of this city, where everyone loves to see its extensive nightlife.

People find it challenging to get their desired house in this famous place. Therefore, Our estate agents Burnage help you buy, sell or let houses or cottages. In Burnage, let’s drive with the Black Stone platform and enjoy the authentic life of jazz festivals, classical music, and night skies. This is the most splendid place, especially with its bustling nightlife scenes and luscious green spaces. The student body is impressive, and the people are great too.

Estate Agents Burnage

Why are our estate services the best services?

Estate Agents



We are Experienced Experts

Our estate agents are qualified, experienced, and experts in property investment and management. Our communication skills and strategies to handle property matters are professional and up-to-date. We study the matters from the core of our hearts and take the whole matter as if it were our own.

Our experts analyse and evaluate property decisions in close coordination with the management team. Once both sides have consulted, an appropriate decision is suggested to our clients.



We value Trust and Integrity We value trust and integrity, and our property management agents do everything with transparency and diligence. Our clients trust us and follow us confidently through our faithfulness, honesty, and experienced property management. When buying property, we watch every nook and corner of the offering properties. We pay attention to everyone individually, which is why we have long-term relations with our clients.



Transparent Dealings

Transparency is one of the essential features that we believe in. Our transparent dealings convince clients, and they come to sell or buy their houses in the UK. If you need a 4-bed student house, retail property to let, commercial property for let or even flats to let in Burnage, we do fair dealings for every type of matter. There are no hidden charges and fake promises in dealings.



We know the Property and Market Valuation Our estate agents Burnage help you in valuing your property. We use online valuation tools to see how much your house is worth. After that, we get the market’s comparative analysis. Finally, we evaluate comparable properties and add the total expenses of the property, including taxes, insurance, and repair, and then give calculated results.



Professional team with Excellent Experience

Our Burnage estate agents are professional and skilled in this field. They have been working in this field for years. They offer bespoke solutions for letting, buying and selling commercial or residential properties. We organize the management and guide you through the legal process at all stages. Besides these, we understand clients’ requirements and start working according to the legal advisors.

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Ask Anything From Our Expert in Burnage

Here are the answers to all the hassles that could save your money and time.

First, you need to evaluate your property to find out how much it's worth. To get your home's exact value, there must be three agents' valuation prices. Keep in mind your purchasing rates, and then ask for market rates from your agent to reach a good value.

The sales are different due to their different values because buyer and seller's positions are countable in this case. If your home value is realistic and legal, you will receive offers from Black Stone within 2 to 3 weeks. If your buyer has to apply for a mortgage, it may take 4 to 5 weeks. So, in total, you can expect that it will take 10 to 12 weeks.

Every seller in Manchester, UK, must purchase an EPC for their property before selling it. Every estate agent, Burnage, keeps EPC before estimating property value.

If you are buying in Burnage or another area of Manchester, your property costs might be more than £125,000 for stamp duty land tax. But rates constantly change. Therefore, the given amount is not always the case.

The deposit will be paid to the seller's agent or lawyer, primarily upon exchange of contract, and this is not applicable in Scotland.

After drafting the contract, and when the seller agrees, you can sign the contract. As well as after confirming the details with your solicitor.

We Provide Real Estate Services to the Entire Burnage Area

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