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Black Stone Estate Agents are reliable & trustworthy offering great services for selling your house in Manchester.

Our market evaluations are unique. Not only do we provide you with an accurate assessment of your home, but we also know how to promote it effectively.

Our agents take pride in their unrivalled local expertise and attention to detail. This means we do more than just place a price on your home; we carefully match it with the right buyers.

All you get when you find out how much your home is worth is a number. With us here at Black Stone - you get the whole picture.

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Sell My Commercial Property or How I Can Sell My House with Black Stone?

Our unique home database is primarily based on all the homes selling in Manchester, and their general suitability will be fully examined through videos, images, or visuals. Comparison services for selling your house online through different platforms including fees are additionally available with us. Get in contact with our team to sell your house in Manchester!  

Your home is extremely important to you. You've invested time and effort into making it the spot where you unwind after a long day, entertain close friends, and possibly raise a family. In the end, it's a place where you can just be yourself.

This is something we understand well. And we keep these things in mind when creating your marketing strategy. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions; therefore, we treat each sell my commercial property request and house seller as an individual.

Marketing your property

Why sell with Black Stone:

We notice the subtleties that others overlook

We shortlist features that appeal to both the hearts and minds of potential buyers. It could be the stunning original rose ceiling that you thought was only for you; it could be the hidden nook where you could unwind with a good book for an hour; or it could simply be the way the early sun floods the kitchen during breakfast. All these sentiments are considered when we market your property and your dream come true with sell my house in Manchester request.

Sell my House Online

Because over 80% of property searches now begin online, getting your home listed on our market-leading, mobile-friendly website is a must. We’ll make sure it appears on all the big property websites and portals to capture more exposure online.

Advertising and Sell My House in Manchester

It’s self-evident. We will feature your home in the popular local newspapers, as well as explore national advertising. We may publish your property in publications like Country Life, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, and the Financial Times. Count on us to bring the right people to view your house.

Sell My House in Manchester

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How We Sell Your Property for You

Is it possible to sell my house in Manchester? YES, It doesn't have to be a difficult process to sell your home. By completing the initial work for you, we take the worry out of the process.

Why Property Sellers Choose Us

Get the greatest deal from the most reputable buyers

If you want to buy, let or sell houses in Manchester fast with most reputable buyers. You can sell your house easily. Your home is one-of-a-kind, and it should be advertised as such. Allow us to entice purchasers with your property's potential. With access to our national database and website, you can cast a larger net. Someone is waiting to fall in love with your property, and thanks to our unique expertise, you'll be able to meet them sooner.

Sell my commercial property in Manchester with your professional marketing

Professional photography, social media advertising, and property trailers are just some of the features we offer to help sell your property in a better way. Make your life easier by using our expert professional services to sell your property with us. Your future planning depends on your next decision. You'll have a single point of contact for all your property selling journey. You carry on with your daily life and let us deal with the hard work.

Sell my house fast in Manchester - Hundreds of buyers waiting

Our specialised sales team will connect you with the most serious buyers for your house. Your property will get the exposure it needs to sell to the right buyer, thanks to our advertising campaigns and our expert agents help. We use all modern marketing and selling techniques to sell your house fast in Manchester. Our expert agents help you in understanding the best choice for you which paves the way for you to make the right decision.

Sell your commercial property - No sale, no sales fee

As a property management company, we are so confident that we can sell your commercial property that we won’t take any fee until your commercial property is sold. You have nothing to lose! It's never just about the property. Every property we sell has something special and distinctive to offer. The key is to let it shine through, allowing your buyers to fall in love with their new property. Contact us today and book a free valuation and get started with your selling journey.

We Provide Real Estate Services Throughout Manchester

Lovely Customer

I was looking for a better estate agent who could sell my property at better prices and found Black Stone. I love their way of working. Within a few days they found me a perfect buyer to sell my commercial property in Manchester.

Shams W.Pawel

My friend's property was at stake, and he was extremely worried when someone told me about Black Stone. I suggested he ask them for help. They are so reliable and trustworthy that now my friend can’t think of anyone else when it comes to dealing with properties.


I highly recommend Black Stone for selling property in Manchester and Stockport. They sold my property a week ago and I'm extremely happy with price I got.


" We are quite thankful to have been referred to All About Real Estate. We were lucky to have Black Stone and the rest of the firm's team assist us in selling our first house quickly, professionally, and without difficulty.Thank you!"


There are no words to describe my gratitude for Black Stone and the counsel you offered and for being so flexible and attentive to all of my property requirements. I was apprehensive about selling my old house, but you made the process easy and enjoyable.


"Black Stone helped us sell our home. They had a professional and upbeat attitude. We also used them to buy a new house in the country. Black Stone's staff is ready for you if you want an agent that is honest and transparent with no hidden motives, Thankyou."

Alina White

"We would strongly suggest anybody call Black Stone to assist them with purchasing or selling their property. Thank you for all your hard work in selling our old home." Thank you very much."


I'd like to express my gratitude for your assistance in the selling of our investment property. We liked how you took the time to walk purchasers who couldn't make the open inspections through the process and kept us updated throughout the auction. It was a thrilling experience.


To Black Stone Thank you very much for your prompt and excellent service. You helped us sell our property with as little stress as possible!



    It’s best to sell a house when there are more buyers available than houses. This fosters bidding battles on residences, which may significantly raise the selling price of your property.

    It is kind of tricky question, well it really depends on your  personal circumstances. There can be some complications involved which can compel you to use the services of a real estate agent, but it is typically worthwhile. Even with an agent, selling a property is a time-consuming and tedious process. If you're the one who has to complete all of the paperwork and show the property, it might feel like you're working a second job. Alternatively, you might hire a real estate agent like Black Stone. We assist you with certain aspects of the process while doing others independently.

    It may be difficult to decide what you should and should not leave behind for the next owner when selling your property. There are no laws that specify what you must leave or bring with you. On the other hand, a buyer may be dissatisfied if they are uninformed of what you want to take or leave. It is better to coordinate with the incoming owner beforehand.

    This often asked question has a simple answer. The list price is when a residence is currently for sale. The selling price is the price at which a residence is sold. A good real estate agent should recommend a list price that is extremely close to the ultimate sale price.