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Black Stone has been helping people find the ideal property for them on a national, local, and international level. We are trailblazers, creating standards that only a few competitors can match. We are the key to your new home. Today we combine over 7 years of expertise and accumulated knowledge to help people find new homes.


Our trained property agents at Black Stone can assist you in finding your perfect house, whether it is your first home or investment property. For more information.


With over 7 years of property sales expertise, we will guarantee that your home is noticed by the right buyers which means your property will have a right offer.


If you are a landlord and worried of your property being dealt unprofessionally? We know how to play a role of a strong bridge between a landlord and a tenant.

Property Management

We are familiar with the places and types of properties customers require in Manchester. We are experts in handling the customised needs of every client. Contact us today!

Estate Agents Manchester-Black Stone

Quick House Selling Service

Selling or purchasing a house is no longer a hassle as we are presenting the best and quick estate agent services in Manchester

Potential Buyers in Manchester

If you are looking to buy a house or property in Manchester do not look further but ask us for our trusted buying services, we will be glad to help you.

Information About Homeowners

Black stone is the best letting agent in Manchester, we keep you protected and deal with all the hassle. If you are a landlord, we have a solution for you.

Home Mortgages in Manchester

You no longer need to fear fraud or scam because Black stone as the most responsible estate agents online issue property buying guidelines time to time to help you.

Houses to let in Manchester

Do not roam around the city to find a house for rent but contact Black Stone or visit our website as we are the letting agents in Manchester with a bigger local property portfolio.

Free Property Valuations

Know the worth of your property with our free property valuation services in Manchester. You will get an estimated value of your property with our expertise and historical area price guidelines.

From Commercial Estate Agents in Manchester What Makes Us Different

Manchester Estate Agents - Here are four principles we live by:



Always Responsive to Our Clients.

Black Stone, as an estate agent company in Manchester, remains all-time responsive towards its clients. We are available through the day, so feel free to communicate with us. 



Professional Team for Excellent Services

We are a team of professional home estate agents Manchester who work hard to ensure the best experience for our clients by providing the most competitive buying and selling rates.



Exact Property & Market Valuation

We are proud to say that we provide free and easy property valuations to our customers to make sure you get the best value for your property through our estate agents online services.



No Hidden Costs 

We do not have any hidden costs. Everything we do has visible pricing.

As Manchester estate agents we understand how difficult it may be to acquire or sell a home. As a result, we have created a set of principles to assist with the heavy lifting. Begin using our trusted features as soon as you sign up, wee ensure you that there will be no hidden costs. Black Stone exists in the top 10 estate agents Manchester.

Customers Feedbacks

What They’re Saying

Really good service, everything was well explained at the valuation and I didn't pay them until the house was sold. I’m really happy with their quick service.

Martin James

I’m incredibly happy with the team and their quick services. I got a new home on rent within two days. The house is beautiful and in the best location. Thank You!

Susan Cooper

Really good service, everything was well explained at the valuation, and I didn't pay them until the house was sold. I’m really happy with their quick service.

Alecia Peterson

Selling my property isn't as easy as it is now! I call it black stone, and they start working on it. Within days they found me a perfect buyer, and I got good money.

Arthur Leo

I had no idea about the value of my property. I gave the black stone a call for assistance, and they calculated my property value free of cost! I love their quick services.

Ryder Weston

I love the ease in which I was able to sell my home, the agent was a friendly chap and dealt with my viewings too, and I'm glad he did. Thank you very much.

Tyler Myles

Ver excellent lettings team works hard in making sure your property is viewed by suitable tenants and keep informed me every step of the way.

Micheal David

Excellent customer service, highly recommended. Customer service was brilliant. If your looking for a property then black stones is the one.


Had a valuation on the property from them. They gave a very realistic valuation explained the financial services process in detail.

Adam Siddique

Very helpful and good communication to us prompt attention, no hasle kept me up to date with proceedings of making an offer on a property.



We are Manchester real estate agents with over 7 years of experience in helping people buy and sell homes and properties, allow us to do what we know best.

Our Valuation Process

With over 7 years of experience, we have gained an understanding of the local areas and the property market of Manchester. We as Manchester Estate Agents know the changing landscape, what buyers look out for and how to achieve the best market value for your property.

What do we charge?

We have an exceptionally affordable price range so that everyone can avail benefit from us. We as the estate and letting agents in Manchester know how much one can easily pay hence we always charge a minimum amount and offer free valuation to all our worthy clients

Property Photography

We are aware of the importance of first impressions hence we always use the latest DSLR cameras with specific lenses to take the best pictures of your property and impress the buyers. Being estate agents online we value your property and bring its best features out.

Social Media Team

Black stone also promotes all its services on social media. With our social media team, we are active on all the popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We have already developed great links there, and you can also contact us on these platforms.

Expert Advice

To benefit our customers, we have gathered all the experienced estate agents in Manchester at one platform (Black Stone). You will get expert advice and free assistance the minute you approach us to take you through the process.

Smart Marketing

Being in the modern world, Black Stone always uses modern techniques and the latest marketing tools to search for the best potential buyer for your property. With the use of the right platform, we advertise your property wisely. And with our advertisement you get potential customers.


Do I have to pay estate agents Manchester fees If I pull out?

If you back out of a sale, you should expect to be charged to cover the costs that an agent has already incurred, such as advertising. It is also common to be required to pay a portion or all of the estate agent’s commission, but only if the contract you signed included a clause stating that you were “ready, willing, and able to purchase.”

Is it compulsory, Black Stone home estate agents Manchester have to tell me about offers?

An estate agent is required by law to inform you in writing of any offer made on your property. Estate agents Manchester city centre are also prohibited from pressuring you to accept a particular offer because they believe it will expedite the sale, such as if the buyer has no chain, especially if the offer is lower than you would like to accept.

Can our home estate agent Manchester refuse to pass on an offer?

Is it mandatory for Manchester real estate agents to pass on offers? Yes, until the contracts are signed, an estate agent is legally required to present all offers to the seller.

Can your manchester real estate agents tell what offers can be made?

Estate agents can’t tell you how much the others are offering, but they can usually tell you if they were close to the asking price, which can help you make an informed decision.”

Dealing with Black Stone Home estate agents Manchester - Is it possible I can back out of an accepted offer?

The concise answer is yes. When you sign a real estate purchase agreement, you agree to be legally bound by the contract terms and give the seller an earnest money deposit but the situation can be different sometime and you might need a legal advice on this. 

Letting agents Manchester - What is the cooling off period with you as estate agents?

The “cooling-off” period, during which a client has the right to cancel a contract , is 14 days from the date the contract is entered into, provided the client is aware of their right to cancel. This is where a lot of real estate agents get themselves into trouble.

Is it possible I can change my mind about selling my house?

Nobody can compel you to sell your house. However, if you have already signed a contract with an agent and then change your mind, you will not be able to sell the property within the agreed-upon time frame. Your property will be removed from the listings, but the contract will still bind you.

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Corrigan Street, Abbey Hey, Gorton

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629 Stockport Road, Levenshulme,

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