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Finding your dream locations in Manchester? Relax! We Got You! We provide the best and most suitable houses to let in and to rent in Manchester.

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Getting a place in Manchester is not difficult with the help of the versatile services of Black Stone. Your new home is just around the corner. No matter where you are looking to rent in whether you are looking for student rooms in Manchester or any other property of your choice, we are here to provide the best letting services in Manchester. Each week, we list range of letting properties, so you are only a few steps away from finding your perfect home or apartment whether it is a long term or short term accommodation in Manchester. You will be moved in, feet up, in no time with the help of our skilled agents guiding you from start to end.

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Following market demand, Black Stone began to provide services such as property resales, buying, project marketing and sales, property management services, short-term lease management, owners corporation administration, sell my house, student accommodation in Manchester, Homes Let in Services and other professional consulting services. As as professional letting services provider, Black Stone remains committed to providing a one-stop service gateway for our clients interested in our property letting services.

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Stop searching for “houses to let near me”, or other searches like these on your browser. You are at the right place! Black Stone is here to turn your letting search into reality.


Tenant Assurance

We try to be helpful at all times and deal with all our tenants in a more responsible way. Black stone provides assurance to all our tenants that you will be dealt with in a professional manner. All your needs will be looked after and you will feel like a home in our rented properties.

No Hidden Deposits

No Hidden Charges

As a responsible professional letting agent in Manchester we never practice any dealings which confuse you or raise any questions at a later stage. We try to be transparent as much as possible. Black stone never asks for hidden or extra charges. We ensure that all our clients get budget-friendly houses to let in Manchester.
Houses to rent in Manchester

Fully Furnished & Renovated Houses to Rent Manchester

We offer a range of properties which include unfurnished, fully furnished properties, renovated houses, student houses & apartments to rent in Manchester for our client's ease and comfort. Call us today and get the best student accommodation in Manchester from Black Stone.
Properties to rent in Manchester

Get Guaranteed Services of Affordable Apartments in Manchester from Black Stone Estate Agents

We are one of the the leading rental and letting agents in Manchester, and we offer excellent guaranteed letting services for every type of accommodation whether it is apartments, flat, home, etc. in Manchester

Secure Newly Renovated Houses to Rent in Manchester

We assure you that all our rental properties are newly renovated & 100% pet-friendly. Our team of expert agents are available 24/7 to assist you with all your queries related to properties to rent in Manchester.

Property Search

We understand it can be very time consuming for your to take time out from your busy schedule and search for a property to let in Manchester. If you are at early stage of searching the dream property of your choice then we take pride in your uniqueness - Use our individualised search and company support to find your dream properties and flats in Manchester those are as unique as you are!

Short Lets

We at Black Stone also offer services for short lets, if you are looking to let a property in Manchester on a short term basis then we have a perfect property according to your needs. Please register your interest with us to be the first one to know when the perfect property becomes available.

Get the Best Price

We offer houses to let in Manchester on competitive prices. Whether you are looking for a family living or exploring a students living in Manchester you will get best possible competitive price. Our agents are well experts and are always working hard to get to know your requirements, so that they can assist in finding you the right property at the right price.

Be Part of a Journey

Whether you're taking your first step towards renting a property or you are a regular property renter. We help you from start to end, we provide you necessary support and advice. Be part of passionate journey of our excellent customer support and move-in without a fuss - To take the stress off moving in, our representatives complete the paperwork with you.

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Get Safe and Comfortable Place with Desired Facilities in Manchester with Black Stone.

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There was a big challenge for me to find houses to rent Manchester until I found about Black Stone. They are super quick and highly reliable. They would be my No. 1 choice in the future because they provide the best services & prices for property to rent in Manchester.

Elizabeth Sofia
Elizabeth Sofia

Black Stone is a best choice for Houses to rent in Manchester - I wanted to rent a fully furnished house, but I could not trust anybody. A friend introduced me to the team at Black Stone. They were professional and extremely helpful. Quick and trustworthy.


My house was locked for three years, and I did not know of any reliable agents whom I could trust with my property to rent in Manchester. But when I heard of Black Stone and their positive reviews, I immediately gave them a call and I was dealt professionally. I recommend them.

Amelia Mia
Amelia Mia

My entire family was shifting to a new home, and I did not want to lock up my place so decided to rent out my property but could not find any trustworthy estate agent. Black Stone came to the rescue and helped me in renting my home.

Charlie Cooper
Charlie Cooper

We had a great time while renting a house through Black Stone. When we relocate again, we'll surely give you a call! Thanks..


I had a fantastic rental experience with Black Stone, just as I did when I purchased my property with them. I am happy with their services and response.They acted quickly and thank you for assisting me.


We felt completely at ease working with Black Stone. No nonsense attitude which is much appreciated. Because of our irregular work schedules, you made yourself available at all hours and on weekends, which is cool..


For me, renting a property was one of the easiest and most delightful experiences I've ever had. They had a comprehensive understanding of my demands and expectations and my likes and dislikes. I've found the ideal fit, thanks to you.


Clear communication, commercial understanding, and a sense of humour. I'd be happy to suggest them to others.



    It may be an option if you have an owner-occupant mortgage and want to rent out your home. Some mortgage lenders will let you rent your home at the same rate and terms as before. On the other hand, some may charge a fee, require you to wait a certain period, or force you to refinance.

    Landlords are not required to comply, and many will require you to have lived there for at least six months before granting it, though some will make decisions on a case-by-case basis.Most of the time it is a mutual agreement between the landlord and tenant. 

    Estate Agents can only charge a renewal commission if the tenancy is 'renewed,' that is, prolonged for another set period of time. You can avoid paying the fee by converting to a periodic (or rolling) tenancy after the initial term expires. They haven't technically renewed the contract in this manner.

    The reasonable rent is dependant on the size and location of a property.

    It is considered £750.60 for one bed flat in Manchester city centre and £541.04 outside of city centre according to January 2020 industry guides. 

    Demand is high; supply is low. Increased demand for Manchester properties has resulted from renters' consistent desire for more space in the Manchester city.  This resulted in significant drop in the number of available rental properties in the Manchester and its suburbs.

    • Utilities bills include Gas, electric, water, council tax and any other service charges.
    • The bills of water are usually paid monthly 
    • The charges of service (paid monthly or annually in some   properties)
    • The tax of council (paid on a monthly basis) 
    • The bills of gas and electricity

    The rates will vary from property to property and are also dependant on the suppliers.  

    • A tenant lives in a rental unit for a set period, pays rent, and has exclusive use of the unit during the tenancy term. If you live in a house and rent a room to another person, that person is referred to as a lodger. You later relocate to a different room in the same house.

    If you want to rent a property or flat in  Manchester , ideally, you'll need a bank account to pay your rent regularly. You will also have to pay the bills from that account monthly.

    Tenants make two initial payments before moving in: the first month's rent and the security deposit. Landlords frequently inquire about when we will collect these payments. Most of the time security deposit is dependant on the type of property and landlord's desire.