Sell your house without an estate agent in the UK is no more difficult for UK residents. For this, read this full article and follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks. 
In the Post COVID-19 era, when a number of businesses have declined their growth curve, selling your house becomes very difficult. A large number of UK audiences try to sell their home with the help of the agent, but they can eliminate the third parties too. This dealing requires a basic understanding, procedure, and process. So, if you want to sell your house without an estate agent in UK you need to know these procedures. 
According to a survey, in 2012, 1.8% of the sale price was paid to agents. This is just for the efforts they made in selling the buildings. Most of the time, such efforts includes the following list;

  1. Photography and placement of classified ads over the internet
  2. Displaying on the sale board
  3. Valuation of the house

After COVID-19, you can save this 1.8% while selling a house privately to anyone.  
Nowadays, agents are demanding more. No doubt this 1.8% has been reduced to 1.4%. This means you have to pay £1400 for the price of a £100,000 house. Here questions come to mind, why should I pay if someone wants to buy my house privately? There is no need to pay, by following the below-mentioned tips you can save many pounds. 
Buying a house without an estate agent is becoming more popular among both buyers and sellers. You can sell them to families, friends or to everyone. 

Make House Attractive and Appealing:

When you are going to sell your house without an estate agent in the UK to a family, then the first thing to be considered is interior design. Every visitor comes to visit the home and especially look at the kitchens and washrooms. Add to this, if families are coming, they will look to the dining room and drawing room too. Thus, before any visit, the condition of the house should be attractive so that visitors feel comfortable while investing in the building. 

Set a reasonable price for your house:

If you are trying to Sell my House in Manchester, UK, then your next step should be setting a price for the house. Most of the householders require an agent at this point for the right price setting. Don’t be afraid, and you can do this alone. Pricing is set on inflation and average value. There are few websites that calculate the price of a house for you. Add to this, and you can compare the prices online and find the best evaluations. 

Write the description that tells that you are Selling a House in UK Manchester:

After full photography, interior designing, and setting your price, the next step is to write appealing and catchy lines about your house. Here you can show the value in your property, and you have to play with words. Such words and lines will force the buyers to come for a visit. Moreover, you have to append each and every detail about the house in the description. Focus on details, but make sure you are delivering the right and relevant information to the readers. Here are the things that you can tell in the description;

  1. Number of rooms
  2. Total area
  3. Area in square foot
  4. Belongings
  5. Installed things
  6. Structure and framework
  7. The material used for the house
  8. Certifications
  9. Covered area
  10. Multiple images

All such things make them appealing and up to the mark. Every buyer reads such details and makes a buying decision in his mind. So, clear details help readers in understanding what you are going to sell. 

Photography of a selling house in Manchester:

Images play a very important role in displaying the true picture in the mind of the customers. A good photographer gets images from all angles and displays them in the most pleasant way. Pictures from different angles make the house attractive and attractive too. For this, you can get a few pictures of your house, or you can hire a photographer. On average in UK Manchester a photographer charges £200 for a shoot. This would be more than enough for you, and bearing such a little cost could be bearable for you. 

Listing your house:

IF you are going to sell a house without a real estate agent, then you have to list your property on the website or all other platforms. This is the same as the marketing of the product, and you are actually aware of the passersby. This enhances the impact of sales, and passersby read such ads and banners listed on-site and on other websites. Here are few things to do while listing your house for sale;

  1. List your house on the websites that are not charging any commission. 
  2. Classified ads sites of UK Manchester that are free of cost listing websites. 
  3.  Place banners on the house that show the sale of the property.
  4. Place cards and advertise on the local TV or NEWS channel.
  5. Run Facebook local ads or Google ads in UK Manchester.
  6. You can also post on a few paid classified ads websites that have a good and prompt response.

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Arrange the visits of the buyers:

Most of the time, when you are busy and at work, due to this you may not entertain the visitors. For this, one can ask his friends and other fellows. Add to this; home maids are also feasible for this; they can arrange the visits and manage them in your absence. 

Negotiating of price with clients:

After visiting the house, the next step would be negotiating the house. There would be few offers and counteroffers among the customers and buyers. After reaching a single point, you can sell your client. In financial dealings, you should be stable and careful. At this point, you have to decide what is the best price and at which price you are willing to sell. At this point, you have to maintain the best friendly relation with the customer. In financial relations, you need to be very careful about a good and healthy relationship. 

Accepting of an offer:

When you are selling your house in UK Manchester without any agent then, accepting an offer means you agree to sell the house. Make sure you are making agreements verbally. It is better to write any of the following notes as evidence;

  1. Write an official email with a digital signature.
  2. Write in written
  3. Use legal certificate of agreement

Think twice before accepting an offer and making it verbal. 

Solicitor consultation:

Once you have agreed with any of the buyer’s offers, the next thing is to consult a solicitor. All the legal requirements, contracts should be made properly and smoothly. For this, solicitor consultations are required. Here you have to pay them. You can find a good and best solicitor near you online. There are many law societies that help you in finding a legal solicitor. 

Renegotiations, if require any:

After the finalization of anything, the buyer found anything wrong; you have to renegotiate the terms. If any material or any other thing is found faulty, there is a need to renegotiate the price. Most of the time, such cases happen, and the agreed amount is no longer fair. For this, tests are done. After testing, you can finalize the price and renegotiate it. 
Sell your house without an estate agent in the UK is very common nowadays. It is better to try yourself rather than paying the agent at every single step. You can try online sites and Facebook groups too in your local areas. Such platforms help in prompt and quick selling of a house. Add to this, attractive and beautiful houses with better interior designs are always sold earlier. So, investing a few £’s on a house before photography would be a wise idea. This small investment can multiply the buying price of the house.
Next to this, photography from different angels and their listing should be well so that you can reach the maximum audience online. Good photographs of the house can also be placed in exhibitions, and there are other sites that also list your house pics. In this way, online platforms are being used for the selling of houses. After that, negotiations are the major part; for this, you have to set the cost price and bottom line before any demand. This would help you in getting the right price. Furthermore, a bracketed range would be fine and easier to decide. So, you know at the time of bargaining what your bottom lines are. 
After negotiations, it is mandatory to start the legal process and make evidence of the price. This is the very simplified and common procedure through which one could sell his house without any agent. 
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Why do you need a Black stone Estate Agent in the UK for other Services?

When you decide to sell your house without an estate agent in the UK, then you need some more effort. However, you decide not to hire an agent, but you have to acquire some of the estate agency services. This would provide smooth trisections of selling a house without any ambiguity. So, in this context Black stone estate agency would be beneficial for you. We provide a totally Free valuation of your property according to your property location and market trend. On the other hand, we can also provide buyers who are willing to purchase your property at reasonable prices. If you need to hire us for your property selling, then we also do all documentation work and also advertise your property to get more price. Some of our additional services are also mentioned on our website. You can check these for details. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Is it true that you can sell a house without an estate agency in the UK?

Yes, it is a true fact that you can sell your property without an estate agent in the UK. However, if you want to seek online platforms for this purpose, you can find a number of online platforms that list your property free of cost on their online platforms.  

Can I get any benefit by selling my house without an estate agent?

If you plan to sell your property without an estate agent in the UK, you are not required to pay a heavy amount of your selling price to your agent. This would be one of the biggest benefits of selling a house without an estate agent in the UK.

Whether it is easy or not to sell your house without an estate agent in the UK?

It is not so easy to sell a house without an estate agent, but it is not an impossible one. You are required to make some additional efforts to execute the purchase and sale of the property. 


A large number of people in the UK are selling their house to themselves. We assure you by following the above-mentioned pinpoints, and it would be very easy for you to sell your house at a very good price. However, for some services, you need to contact the estate agencies. This would provide a professional touch to your house selling transaction. In this way, you can sell your house without an estate agent in the UK