Few details can vary from one state to another one. So it is always important to prepare the checklist, which can serve as the general guide. You should be conferring with a local professional for the basic details on certain requirements within your state. 
Try to:

  • Interview the agents and make sure you meet at least 3-4 of them before making any final decision. 
  • Keep the price in one line with the sold homes which you have already identified in the comparative market analysis report.
  • Always clean the home before you put it in the selling process. 
  • Put your house on multiple offers until and unless it does not meet the right price. But make sure you don’t ignore the rest of the offers coming your way. 

Right through this guide, we will explain to you all those basic points/elements which can make the process of selling a house an easy task for you. Have a look below:

A Guide on Selling a House Fast for Beginners in Less Time 

  1. Select a Listing Agent

A professional listing agent is someone who is representing your property in the selling course. They have the fiduciary responsibility where they are always aiming to target your best interests. Interview all the agents on your loss and meet them one by one to make sure whether they stand on your expectations or not. Try to hire someone who is experienced and has vast market knowledge. 

  1. Know the Worth of your Home

One major mistake which most of the sellers make during the process of selling a house is overpricing their home. Always keep the price in one line with the solid homes that are already in the race of comparative market analysis reports. Figure out if your market is cold, hot, or neutral in terms of pricing accordingly. 

  1. Marketing Your Home

It is always important to identify the right selling points of your house with the help of an agent. Pick the right advertising words for conveying your message. Discuss with your agent how you will market your house with basic advertising techniques in a better manner. Hiring a reliable tour company for the process of selling a house will help you to take some quality photos of your house to display them virtually online. Make sure that the listing is also posted online on popular platforms. 

  1. Open Escrow & Order Title

The agent or the transaction coordinator will be opening the escrow and yet order the title policy for you. Mention all the contact details for your closing agent and select a date to close based on when any buyer’s home loan will be funded.
House Valuation

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Commission does an Agent take for Selling your House?

Real estate commission is generally the biggest fee which the seller pays. It takes around 5-6 percent of the overall sale price. If you are selling a house at the cost of £ 180226.25, then the commission price will end up at  £ 10813.58. In short, the commission is then split between the buyer and seller’s real estate agent. 

  1. What makes a House unsellable?

Few factors which can make any house unsellable are location, complex floor plan, or the low ceiling. These are those factors that you cannot easily change or modify. 

  1. What should you Avoid doing when Selling a House?

When you should sell a house, you should never underestimate the price of selling. Plus, you should never be setting an unrealistic price and avoid considering the highest offer. You should not be ignoring the major repairs or making any sort of costly renovations. 

  1. Is it possible to Sell small Houses Fast?

No, it is not! It might be challenging, but it is not impossible at all. Just focus on the points of renovation and restoration of the property, which you generally follow for selling a big house. 
selling cycle


We hope that with this guide, you will have complete know-how about the process of selling a house easily without any hassle. For beginners, this home selling process is not that easy to perform because a minor mistake can ruin their selling cycle. Therefore, we have presented for you another quick and easy option of hiring real estate agent services to better perform the whole task with no hurdles. 
Are you ready to sell your house property?