Manchester is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural city. It is the second-most significant city in the UK after London and a northern economic powerhouse enjoying tremendous economic expansion. But it’s also a bustling, diverse, and energetic metropolis. Having the second-highest population in the UK, it is filled with educated workers, young professionals, and students.

Native Mancunians and numerous workers and students from the UK and other countries reside and work in the city and the surrounding area. Unsurprisingly, many people search for rental housing in the thriving private sector. Luckily, Blackstone Estate Agents are here to help you find the ideal houses to let in Manchester.

Why Do People Look for a House for Rent in Manchester?

Many people may dream of owning a house, but not all can. Although it wasn’t always the case, the homeownership rate in the UK is high today.. Families used to have to decide between building their own homes and renting one from a landlord in the past.

Renting also has its benefits, even though it might not be ideal. Depending on their financial condition, some people may find that renting makes more sense. Given below are some key benefits of renting a home instead of buying:

  • No Maintenance Cost

The most crucial benefit of renting a property is you don’t have to pay maintenance or repair fees. It pimples that the owner will be responsible for repairing any damage. For example, if your roof leaks, you’ll call the landlord, and he’s liable to fix the damage.

  • Amenities

You can also save money by accessing amenities that would otherwise be expensive. Many midscale to opulent apartment buildings come included with conveniences like an indoor pool or a fitness centre at no additional cost to tenants.

These luxuries would cost a homeowner thousands of dollars to install and maintain if they wanted to use them.

  • No Property Taxes

One of the key benefits of renting as opposed to owning is not having to pay property tax when you obtain a house for rent in Manchester. Homeowners may have to pay substantial real estate taxes, which differ by location. Property taxes can be expensive in some locations, costing hundreds of pounds annually.

Although calculating property taxes can be difficult, they are based on the projected worth of the house and the area of the land it is built on. Property taxes can be a significant financial burden for homeowners when new ventures expand.

  • No Down Payment

The upfront fee is another area where you get a better financial deal. Tenants normally have to pay a security deposit equal to one month’s worth of rent. Usually, that is all. If you haven’t harmed the rental property, you can get your deposit back when you leave.

  • More Flexible Living

Renters can live practically anywhere, but homeowners are only able to reside where they can afford it. The majority of people who own homes may not be able to afford to live in a costly metropolis like Manchester, but renters may be able to do so simply..

You’re more likely to find an affordable monthly payment than home buyers, even if rents might be expensive in locations where home values are likewise expensive.

  • Fewer Concerns for Decreasing Property Value

Property values fluctuate. Renters are much less likely than homeowners to be affected by this, if at all. The value of your home affects how much you pay in property taxes and mortgage. Renters may not experience the same hardship as homeowners in a difficult property market.

  • Fixed Rent

When looking for houses to let in Manchester, you need to pay a fixed amount monthly according to the agreement. Apart from that, landlords must provide a prior notice when they want to increase it. This way, you can budget your rent efficiently as you know how much you will pay.

  • Reduced Utility Prices

Even though a home’s size might vary, it is typically larger than an apartment. They may incur greater electric bills and higher heating expenses as a result. Rental properties usually feature smaller, more energy-efficient floor plans than many homeowners, which lowers their heating and electricity costs.

Owning a home can benefit you in the long run, but it has some disadvantages too. You’ve been paying rent for years, but you have nothing to show for it. Pick a general date for when you wish to move into your new residence:

  • The problems linked with homeownership
  • The expenses of upkeep, and 
  • Property taxes.

It depends on a person’s lifestyle, financial situation, and employment status.

Homes to Let

How To Find The Right Homes To Rent In Manchester?

Manchester offers something regardless of the renter’s preferences, age, or price. But there are a few crucial actions you need to do before you begin shopping for your new rental home.

This section serves as a comprehensive reference to renting in Manchester, covering everything from making a list of needs and wants to keeping an open mind.

  • Moving Date

Decide on a general moving date for your new residence. Looking too long in advance may result in vacant homes on your shortlist when you’re ready to act because the rental market moves swiftly.

We advise beginning your search four to five weeks before you want to move.

  • Figure Out Your Budget

When you’re looking for a house for rent in Manchester, it is crucial to decide your budget first. How much a month can you afford? You may figure this out by subtracting any additional monthly expenses from your income, such as bills, council tax, living expenses, and savings.

You should leave a little extra to make sure you have enough money. Would you shell out extra money for the ideal property? Will your budget allow you to achieve your goals in this regard?

Your rental agency will be able to give you advice on a reasonable budget and assist you in determining what you can afford.

  • Find The Best Location

When you’re prepared to start looking for a property, think about your needs:

  • Do you need to live close to a school, a transportation hub, or another location?
  • How long do you plan to have the residence rented?
  • Other essential home characteristics are the number of bedrooms and parking options.

To look for available property to rent in Manchester, contact Blackstone Estate Agents right away.

  • Viewing The Property

It is always a good idea to physically visit your desired house for rent in Manchester. All you need to do is to contact a real estate company like Blackstone Estate Agents. We’ll have a consultation about your requirements and budget, show some properties, and then arrange a viewing for you with the landlord.

  • Filing An Application

The real estate market is getting quicker. To get the rental you want, it would be great if you moved quickly. To apply, fill in the tenancy forms and return them to Blackstone Estate Agents as soon as possible.

  • Referencing

It is a part of our application process that you must submit a reference letter from your prospective homeowner. It will show us that you never had any issues with renting or for other reasons.

  • Deposit Fees

The deposit is maintained to cover any damage to the property during your lease and must be paid in full before moving in.

Your deposit will be registered with a recognised government programme and refunded to you at the end of your tenancy if the property is kept in excellent shape, whether it is managed privately or by the Blackstone estate agent team.

  • Inventory

Before you move in, Blackstone Property Management or the landlord will generate an inventory that includes a complete list of the property’s contents and condition.

Before the tenancy agreement is completed, the tenant and landlord must agree on the inventory to reduce the possibility of any issues regarding damage at the end of the tenancy.

  • Content Insurance

It is doubtful that this coverage will cover your valuables in the event of fire, theft, floods, or other damage, even while your landlord has insurance on the structure itself.

Therefore, we’ll provide you with content insurance for your stuff.

  • Moving In

To confirm and sign the tenancy agreement, inventory, and other relevant documentation, you must come to our head office on the day you move in.

When it’s ready, you’ll get the keys to your new house!

Will the House be Regularly Inspected?

When you rent a house in Manchester, the house will be inspected regularly. It is the landlord’s discretion whether he wants us to do that or by himself.

If Blackstone Estate Agents manage the property, we’ll fix a convenient date to come and inspect the house. We’ll do it a few times annually. If it is handled privately, the owner will contact you.

What If You Want To End Tenancy Earlier?

Tenancy agreements are legally binding contracts that must be signed and are typically valid for six to twelve months. You are in charge of paying the rent (and utilities) throughout that time, whether or not you want to vacate early due to a change in circumstances.

But occasionally, circumstances arise, and in these cases, a rental property may be re-advertised early with the landlord’s consent. If this is the case, the existing renter’s obligation to pay rent will end once the new tenant moves in and a new lease begins. We do this to save the landlord from potential money loss.

You will be liable for the rent and utilities until the tenancy ends if a suitable new tenant cannot be located. To put it another way, the length of the “notice” period depends on how quickly a replacement tenant can be located and the landlord’s consent to the contract’s early termination. To avoid unjust charges for a tenant’s move-out decision, the renter will be accountable for paying the landlord’s marketing costs.

What If the Home Needs to be Repaired During Tenancy?

Most of our properties to rent in Manchester are completely managed; we will let you know if one is “let only” when you move in. You will have been provided with the necessary details to contact the landlord directly by phone or email if the home is a let-only rental where the landlord handles their tenancy. 

You must report any appliance or other issues with “fully managed” properties to us, and we will handle the issue promptly and effectively. Failure to disclose a persistent issue could shift responsibility to you, making you responsible for some of the damage, such as a water leak.

In an emergency, the landlord or agent need not give prior warning to gain entrance, and either they or a designated contractor may appear. Tenants are responsible for doing regular maintenance of the houses to let in Manchester, like:

  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Fuses
  • Smoke alarm batteries
  • Clearing clogged sinks, and 
  • Keeping the bathroom and its sealant clean

If there is any issue you believe requires addressing, contact us via email and any relevant images. Upon your consent, we can provide them our set of keys. Otherwise To set up access to the property, one of our contractors will get in touch with you personally.

Please note that you don’t have any right to hold rent payments in case of disrepair.

Important Note: if there is any issue, you must inform us first. We’ll then arrange a visit to the house and look for the cause. If this is a common issue, you’ll be responsible for repairing it; otherwise, the owner is bound to do all repairing and maintenance work.

House For Rent in Manchester

What If Your Tenancy is About to Expire, and You’re Moving Out?

Unless stated in your leasing agreement, to end your tenancy according to the terms of your tenancy agreement, you will be needed to email us at least one month’s notice of your decision to vacate.

If the property is on the market, one of our agents will contact you to set up accompanying viewings for potential new renters. Before any viewings, we’ll give you at least 24 hours’ notice. When viewings are scheduled, kindly ensure the house is nice and clean.

We require the return of all keys and fobs by the earlier checkout date. After inspecting the property, we will provide you with a report on the checkout inspection, and the deposit will typically be returned within 10 working days.

Please note down the following tips to ensure a successful move-out:

  1. After the last month’s rent has been paid, terminate your standing order because your bank will only accept instructions from you to do so.
  2. Notify your utility providers and the local government (council tax) of your move and ask them to shut your account. To send you a final bill, they typically need your forwarding address.
  3. Give us your forwarding address, please.
  4. Please send us the code if you have a burglar alarm.
  5. Obtain final metre readings; send these readings our way.
  6. Verify your inventory to ensure the property has all fittings, furniture, and fixtures.
  7. Ensure that every piece of furniture is where it was when the rental agreement was first signed.
  8. Decide whether to notify everyone of your new address or set up a mail forwarding service (check with Royal Mail). Any mail you receive cannot be forwarded to your new address by us.
  9. Be certain you have all of your keys and fobs. When lost, replace.
  10. If there are any repairs that need to be made to the property, do let us know.
  11. Make careful you leave all instruction manuals on the premises.
  12. Remove ALL personal belongings (including cutlery and tableware) unless you have our express written consent.
  13. The property should be thoroughly cleaned. This should cover the property’s features, including carpets, skirting boards, extractor units, and other major household equipment like the oven and washing machine.
  14. Make sure the freezer is clean and defrosted.
  15. Take out ALL trash, including boxes, bags, and food waste.
  16. You won’t be allowed to enter the property after the checkout because it signifies the tenancy is over.
  17. For any additional tenancy requirements, please refer to your tenancy agreement.

What If You Want to Renew the Tenancy or Move Out?

You’ll need to decide whether to extend your lease or vacate toward the end of your tenancy.

To start moving things along, our staff will contact you close to the deadline to discuss your goals and details with you and your landlord. If both sides agree, you must visit the office and sign a new lease while paying the renewal fee.

To obtain your entire deposit back, you must vacate the property with one month’s written notice and make sure it is left in the same condition as when you arrived.

Keep in mind that if your landlord decides they want the property back at this time, they can give you notice that your lease is ending.

What If You Have Rent Payment Issues?

We understand that you may get short of money sometimes. Therefore, it is advised to follow the given below instructions to avoid any problems:

  • Make a single payment to eliminate all arrears.
  • Please get in touch with us if you need help paying the whole amount so we can discuss a repayment schedule to get the debt current within a reasonable amount of time. You can be forced to vacate your house if you persistently break the payment schedule.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as you encounter problems because we are always willing to lend a hand.
  • We will serve a notice if you don’t cooperate with us to decrease the arrears. This marks the start of the legal procedure that could result in your being evicted from your home.
  • You risk losing your house if you repeatedly break the terms of a payment arrangement to pay off the arrears.
  • If the issue goes to court, you will be responsible for paying any court fees, which are currently several hundred pounds. You will also have a County Court judgement against you registered.

House For Rent in Manchester

What Types of Tenant Fees are There?

In this section, we’ll provide you with the tenant fee details which you must pay when getting a house for rent in Manchester:

  1. Possession Deposit

One week’s rent as a holding deposit (per tenancy) is required to reserve a property. If the relevant person, including guarantor fails to:

  • Sign tenancy agreement within 15 calendar days
  • Falls behind on their Right to Rent payment
  • Falsifies or misrepresents information that is materially important, or 
  • Withdraws from the rental agreement.

It won’t be disclosed.

  • Security Deposit:

It consists of 5 weeks of rent per tenancy. This pays for any defaults or damages made by the tenant while the tenancy is in effect.

  • Unpaid Rent

From the moment the rent is due until it is paid, interest of 3% above the Bank of England base rate will be applied to pursue non-payment. This will only be used if the rent is more than 14 days past due.

  • Lost Keys/Fobs

Any lost keys or fobs must be replaced at the actual cost, which is the responsibility of the tenant. If the loss requires changing the locks, the tenants will be responsible for the actual costs of a locksmith, a new lock, and replacement keys for themselves, the landlord, and anybody else who needs keys.

  • Change of Contract

to pay for the costs associated with adhering to the landlord’s instructions, doing Right to Rent and new tenant referencing checks, deposit registration, and preparing and signing new legal documents.

  • Change of Sharer:

Any reasonable costs incurred if greater. This fee covers the costs of following the landlord’s instructions and preparing and signing the new legal documents.

  • Early Termination:

If the tenants ask to end their lease early and the landlord agrees, they are responsible for paying all rent owing up until the start date of the new lease and the landlord’s costs associated with re-letting the property. At most, these expenses will be the whole amount of unpaid rent for the lease. Up until the start of the new tenancy, you are also responsible for the utility costs.

Ending Notes

It might be your dream to own a house. If you don’t have one, renting a house is your only choice, which is fantastic if you do. You must rent a home because owning one has advantages and disadvantages.

As the real market is moving at a great pace, it’s getting difficult for people to buy any property. In such conditions, you can find a house for rent in Manchester with less or no effort. All you need to do is get in touch with Blackstone, a reputable real estate firm.

We are a respected rental company in Manchester that has been offering top-notch services for almost ten years. We’re aware of emerging marketing trends and know how to provide you with the ideal houses to let in Manchester.

For more information, contact Blackstone Estate Agents now!