This house valuation process is a valued process to know the actual price of your property in front of you. Such house valuation procedure is carry out on both information and official basis by an experienced chartered surveyor. 
While you apply for the mortgage, the lender will always go for the official valuation of that property that you wish to buy. This instant online house valuation step is generally performed before the approval of the loan. Few informal valuations can be perform by the real estate agents as well. 

What is the cost of instant Online House Valuation?

For the informal valuation, the real estate agent will never ask for any payment. All they are aiming is to successfully sell your property so that you can add this achievement to their service line. 
Formal valuations are conducted by charter surveyors, which have no fees. Their cost will vary on the basis of the firm you have selected and the size of the property. Generally, the cost of instant online house valuation by a chartered surveyor is between £150 and £1,500.

When should you go for a house valuation?

There is no need to get any sort of official valuation for setting the purchasing price of the house. which you want to sell a home?. Your real estate agent will be available for you with the informal valuation in which they will suggest the approximate sale price. This full price is a combination of property inspection and their market knowledge. 
You will have the property getting value if you are borrowing against it. This means you are buying that property in the first place, but you even want to, later on, refinance it and move towards the new mortgage deal.
All the mortgage lenders will be calculating the interest rates which they were offer with. And this process is known as loan-to-value (LTV). It is a comparison of loan size and the entire value of the property. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does a valuer look like during the house valuation?

When it comes to house valuation, a valuer will always look into the dimensions, shape, and topography of the property. They will also pay attention to the views, aspects, and positioning of the house areas. For them falling and rising of the sun in the yard and dwelling also play equal importance. 

  1. What affects a house valuation?

Apart from the layout and size of the property, there are some interior elements too that can affect the house valuation. This includes double glazing, flooring, insulation, and so on. You need to put into consideration all such elements before a house valuation process takes place. 

  1. Do estate agents provide free valuation services?

Yes, they do, but only a few! For a real estate agent, offering a free house valuation service is their plus point. Viewing the property will pitch their services, and they will place themselves in a better position in front of the client. For a real agent, this whole process is known as customer contact time. 

  1. How long does a home valuation last?

The duration of the home valuation completely depends on the basic level of the appraisal on the property. Generally, any in-depth survey will take around 50 minutes or 3 hours. Hence, for the valuation, an appraisal will normally take 10-25 minutes. 
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If you really want to determine the actual value of your property for buying and selling purposes, then considering the reliable service of instant online house valuation is something that will work in your favor. It grants you access to knowing the real value of your house property both formally and informally.