We all know that over the last few years, the market of real estate has been booming very high, and this boom has driven people crazy to be a part of this market. But the question which probably hit so many minds is how you can start a real estate agency in UK. It might be a bit uneasy for you to start the agency until and unless you do know the basics of starting or registering the agency. 
But don’t worry because here we have a quick guide for you to help you over it! Below we are sharing a few of the general pointers to discuss how you can start a successful real estate agency to be a part of the estate world:

Important Tips to Follow on How to Start a Real Estate Agency in UK

  • Finishing the Real Estate Agent License Course

To start a real estate agency in UK, you need to, first of all, make sure that you have the right qualifications for it. Getting yourself certified and acquiring the license should be your first step. Plus, you also have to finish the course of the real estate agent, after which you will be issued with the license. This license will give you the full authority to start your business or agency. 

  • Preparation of a Business Plan

No matter what business you are about to start, you should always be prepared for it. And for that sake, you need to create a powerful business plan as well. This plan will specify all your goals, targets, and aims which you need to accomplish. Plus, the plan should be highlighting your future strategies, growth rate, and capital requirements. This is how you can plan to get closer to your success in the real estate market. 

  • Do a Proper Research and Know the Competition 

If you are new in the real estate market, then knowing about the future competition of the market should be the priority for you. And for that sake, deep-down research is needed. You should list down all those companies who have reached high success in the last few years. See what they are offering, what their aims are, and how they are targeting their customers. 
In your research to start a real estate agency in UK, you should also identify some of the basic gaps within the market areas. These research findings will help you to make some powerful strategic decisions about your agency.

  • Selection of Real Estate Business Model

The next step is the selection of a business model for your real estate agency. While selecting the model, you need to consider a few of the elements in mind for the perfect choice. Figure out if your agency can offer sales and property management, or you can also specialize in one of the services. Decide if you want to start with the virtual office or start a physical shop front. You have to make all such decisions on the basis of resources, expertise, findings, or growth plans. 

  • Deciding the Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Your whole research should be revealing the opportunities to yet differentiate. These all opportunities will act as the gaps within the market that the rest of the agencies are not offering. All these gaps might act as the agency’s sustainable competitive advantage. This can either be a distinctive brand or superior customer service as well as creative marketing. Keep it different from the competitors to make sure that you do stand out uniquely. 
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  • Implementation of Right Legal Structure

To start a real estate agency in UK, you should be implementing the right legal structure to start an agency successfully. This structure will be based on losses, profits, taxes, legal obligations, or exit strategies. To get more details about the legal structure, you should be asking the solicitor or reliable accountant experts. 
Sometimes, most of the agencies do even change their legal structure on the basis of their business growth, and there is nothing wrong with it. You can create some new structure with time as the business succeeds. 

  • Predict the Future Costs and Earnings

This is the step where you will crunch all your numbers and shape them into earnings and costs. You should be preparing a proper cash flow and arrange the revenue projections on the basis of how your business grows. Hence, you have to forecast all your costs, profits, and income. 
Do share it with the rest of the agency members as well. This whole information will help you to make some informed decisions related to the sustainable growth of your business.

  • Preparation of Marketing Plan 

Creating a business plan and marketing plan are two different things! But both of them will decide the parameter of your success. And for creating a proper marketing plan, you need to do strong research to be the unique one in the market. Plus, it should be outlining your channels and your promotional strategies. 
Apart from that, you even need to consider how social media is working for your brand, direct relations, direct marketing, and content marketing for raising awareness of your brand. 

  • Designing Agency Operations

Designing the business operations is one such major step to consider when starting the agency. You need to put proper plans, procedures as well as policies to make sure that your agency will run smoothly and will consistently earn success. In short, these operations will act as the backbone of your brand growth. 

  • Planning Training and High Incentives

The last step is about planning training and setting high incentives for your brand growth. You should always keep your team as your valued priority because it is their hard work with which your agency is reaching the top. Bonuses and ongoing training of the employees will keep them motivated all the time. It will definitely be helping in boosting their skills and will increase your brand sales. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you make good money by starting a real estate agency business?

Yes, you can! At an average range, you can make around £18022.63 from £720905.00 million. The salary of an agent is generally based on the commission, which is a small percentage of the money that they get from selling any property. 

  1. Why does a real estate company fail?

The reason why real estate agents fail to gain success is due to inadequate prospecting and not knowing about the latest trends of the real estate market. It might be possible that the owner is not following up with the clients. A real estate agent should be fully motivated in generating leads and creating marketing listings. 

  1. Is real estate a good career in 2021?

As 2021 has started, the market of real estate is growing at a faster pace by introducing some great properties at the commercial and residential levels. And this fact is appealing to the new realtor’s lot who are making their way into 2021. 

  1. How can you survive in the beginning year of the real estate business?

In the starting year of your real estate business, a business owner should expect some long hours and set some great goals. You should be visiting real estate offices and learn from professionals about the latest trends in the real estate market. Make sure that you also have a backup plan as well and build a powerful network to gain high success.


So this was the end of the discussion where we highlighted all those points for you to let you know how you can start a real estate agency in UK! All the points which we have discussed are quite simple and ordinary, which a beginner will definitely know about. You need to get in touch or communicate with professional companies or real estate owners who are already masters in this whole business. Learn some inside secrets from them and follow them straight away!