As we all know how important it is during the COVID-19 Pandemic to stay home. It is also essential for the safety of those connected with us. Thanks to online and virtual evolution, now it is possible for us to communicate with each other without physical interaction. There was a time when one could not even think of property valuation without a physical tour. However, now you can do it virtually. Not only that but there are several means to get in touch with occupants and also display your building or vice versa. Above all, now the Free Property Valuation tour is also possible virtually.
Among these is by performing an online home trip, or getting in touch with an occupant with a video clip calling application or even providing a digital trip of your service. Soon there will be a time when we all would get rid of the Corona pandemic, but due to time-saving attributes, many would adapt themselves to the virtual mode of life. Whether it is work from home or property sales and purchase. Ensuring you’re prepared when these possibilities come forth, we’ve assembled essential points to introduce you to these aspects. Let us start:

Essentials of a Virtual Tour for Property Valuation

You must be fully ready with all the devices and software at hand. Today we have almost every palm device equipped with a video calling facility. As we all know that now it is a matter of seconds to call someone through a video phone call. All the credit goes to the internet. Through it, we can communicate more than easily with anyone residing in any part of the globe. All you need is a compatible smart device and high-speed internet. However, in the case of business communication, you should also be aware of some other aspects. For instance, if you are going to introduce your property or any other product virtually then your phone storage must have relative videos and pictures. You can either share these with your screen sharing software or directly show your place to the viewers through your device camera. 
Whatever the case is you must be equipped with the following for free property valuation online:

  • A smart device
  • A minimum of one video clip calling application (e.g. Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, and so on).
  • High-speed internet, and of course your phone battery must be fully charged.

When prepping for an online property excursion, reveal to the tenant you’re passionate about concerning using this latest technology. Treat it like a common in-person trip as long as you can and also offer occupants the very best experience possible. The same is the case when you have to perform a property valuation check virtually. However, in that case, you will be showing your place to an expert who will see each part of your home through the camera. Let us explain how it will happen.
Commercial property to sell

How Virtual Free Valuation of Property Works?

As mentioned, when you are well equipped with all the required devices and software, you will get in touch with your estate representative. He or she will also have that facility at the other end. Now you will show all the portions of your place one by one and act as if you are making a video with a running commentary. It will be the video tour of your House on Sale or to live in Manchester. To put it differently, just take it as if you are live on some social media platform and sharing your updates with your friends. Free property valuation through an online platform is as simple as that.
During that virtual tour, your estate agent might ask few questions regarding:

  • Area of the place and stories
  • Number of rooms and amenities
  • Renovation history
  • Nomination and legal documentation details
  • Do you have any pets and how do you keep them?
  • Any weak points of the property structure that you want to bring to their notice?

These are just exemplary inquiries, an agent can ask anything concerning the sale or rent needs and requirements. All you have to do is answer them honestly and do not conceal anything. In the end, they might also need some documents in scanned form. All you have to do is keep everything ready and at hand when they get in touch with you. It will save your time and energy.

Commercial Property to Sell Online in Manchester

Like the residential property, you can also sell your commercial property online. To be frank, it is rather simple and easy to do. All you have to do is arrange a top notch video and photoshoot. It will help you build a strong video profile. Now get in touch with any reliable neighbouring estate agent. Check if they offer online listings with the video profile facility. First thing, you can advertise your property with their help. Second thing, you can do it on your own by creating your profiles on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. biggest perk of a Facebook page is that there you can also boost your posts at nominal charges. It will cost you nothing if you opt for Commercial Property to Sell through social media.
It is quite clear from the above discussion that even in the strict days of COVID-19 Pandemic and lockdown, you can sell your property. All you have to do is get yourself equipped with the latest technology of virtual sharing. We hope that it will help you boost your property ventures even during the third wave of Coronavirus.