Manchester is bustling with activity, and its real estate market is booming. The population has grown significantly in recent years, and the demand for housing has increased. This has led to a surge in prices, and Manchester is now one of the most expensive cities in the UK.

However, many affordable options are still available, and the city offers a great quality of life. There are plenty of things to do and see, and the people are friendly and welcoming. Manchester is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

If you’re considering moving to Manchester, now is a great time. Contact a professional estate agent Manchester as the prices are high and the market is swift, but there is still a lot of demand for housing. The city offers a great quality of life and plenty of things to do and see.

Why Invest in Manchester’s Real Estate Market?

An expanding population, a thriving local economy, and a growing number of businesses entering Manchester are just a few factors influencing more and more investors to choose Manchester as the location for their next real estate investment.

The 8 primary causes of the heating up of the Manchester real estate market are briefly outlined below:

Why Invest in Manchester's Real Estate Market?

  • High Values of Properties

Manchester’s annual increase in housing prices was 8.8% more than any other region in the UK. Property prices are projected to keep rising for the foreseeable future due to Manchester’s robust local economy, population growth, and the influx of businesses.

  • Market Boom

Manchester has witnessed a significant boom in the last 20 years. The northwest is anticipated to experience the biggest percentage value rise in 2022 (4.5%) over the following five years, outpacing London and the UK average.

Some studies claim that sales prices in Manchester have increased by 10% in the past year, and By 2030, its estimated average price growth will be 3.5%, outpacing the 3% growth anticipated for the UK (Northern England forecast).

  • A Large Business Hub

Manchester has quickly emerged as a business centre, and within the next five years, it is expected to challenge major cities like Tokyo, Paris, and Berlin. The city is not just a magnet for young and ambitious creative minds beginning their firms; many companies are choosing to relocate here in favour of a lower cost of living and labour.

This will boost Manchester’s economy even more and increase demand for the city’s housing inventory.

  • Short Supply of Properties

For all the reasons listed above, Manchester is experiencing an increase in population as more and more people move there. The city already experiences a shortage of newly constructed homes entering the market.

In 2015, the undersupply was so severe that the population was increasing at a rate that was 15 times faster than the rate at which new homes were being constructed. Given that Manchester’s population is growing daily, most analysts believe prices will continue to climb there for some time.

  • Highly Integrated City

Manchester is one of the most integrated cities in the UK. The city is perfectly situated for road transportation and is easily accessible by train and air.

  • The Powerhouse of the North

Manchester and other Northern cities benefit greatly from the government’s large investment. With transportation, healthcare, and technology investments, the city is undergoing a significant makeover.

  • Rental Yield

Manchester and nearby areas have recently recorded the greatest rental returns compared to other parts of the UK. Manchester’s rental market is constantly expanding, and the city has yields ranging from 6.5 to 7%.

It makes sense that more and more investors are moving from London to Manchester because Manchester generates 3-4% of London’s revenue.

  • Increasing Student Population

Manchester is home to six universities and a growing student population of about 100,000. The city is still a haven for students, and more and more international students are coming to Manchester to advance their academic careers.

Since some of these students stay in Manchester to start their professions, there is an increased demand for real estate.

Manchester is becoming the most profitable city for investing in properties. To get the most out of your investment, consider hiring professional estate agent services in Manchester. They are professional and know how to bring the best out of your property.

Why Do You Need to Hire An Estate Agent?

Why Do You Need to Hire An Estate Agent?

The best way to invest in the real estate market of Manchester is through the estate agent Manchester. Working with them has numerous benefits as they know the market from the grassroots level. Moreover, they also know how to make your investment bear fruit.

Given below are the 7 key benefits of working with an estate agent company in Manchester:

  • Better Access

Real estate professionals are familiar with the local market. Although most homes are available for viewing online by potential buyers, many sellers prefer to keep their transactions relatively quiet.

There are various reasons why people would not want their family and friends to know that they are selling their home, including nosy neighbours, divorce, financial hardship, health, or simply normal family and friend concerns.

A real estate agent can be quite beneficial in these situations. They can give you special access to a house you may otherwise miss.

  • Dealing

A knowledgeable real estate agent in Manchester can identify problems with a possible house that could otherwise go undiscovered. They will thoroughly review a home appraisal while also touring the property.

Your real estate agent can assist with negotiations if any issues could use improvement. In this bargaining process, the parties may agree to have the problem fixed as a condition of the sale or to reduce the price to account for potential improvements.

These issues can only be noticed with the help of an expert realtor, or your negotiation abilities might yield the results you were hoping for. It might become emotionally charged when deciding on your future residence.

  • Deals With All Paperwork

There is no denying that a substantial amount of paperwork is included with the sale of a house. Among these documents are some of the following:

  • Deeds
  • Sale Bill
  • Title Affidavit
  • Seller’s Affidavit
  • Transfer Tax Declarations
  • Written Offer
  • Maintenance and Upkeep

After everything is said and done, you’ll likely have a whole shelf devoted to buying your new house. There are numerous copies, documents, and signatures with all of this paperwork. You may track the documentation with a real estate agent’s assistance, who will also ensure that everything is signed and finished.

Additionally, most real estate agent services in Manchester retain your documents on file for several years after the transaction. Even though you should undoubtedly save all of this documentation, you can contact your real estate agent anytime if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Save Money

A seasoned real estate agent company has encountered most situations at least once or twice. This indicates that they will frequently bring a wealth of expertise about the worth of particular neighbourhoods and homes. Most Manchester real estate agents can determine a property’s worth as soon as they enter.

They can point you in the direction of postings with the best chances of giving you what you want at your desired pricing. They can also make you avoid those listings that are good for nothing, saving you significant money and time.

  • Professional Guidance

Even though buying a home can be exhilarating, it can also be very emotional and overwhelming. You can receive direction and support from a real estate professional at each stage. They will accompany you during each home inspection, explaining why the house layout might be ideal for you and your family or why a house isn’t worth buying because it needs too many expensive repairs.

Throughout the process, your realtor can make you feel assured and comfortable, enabling you to make a choice that will be advantageous to you and your family for many years.

  • Find You The Right Property

Do you have any particular preferences for your future property? Let’s say you want to buy a home. Your real estate agent will know where to seek any specific features you are looking for in a home, such as personalised pet dormitories, grand vintage-style fireplaces, open-concept kitchens, and backyard landscaping ideas.

The goal of real estate brokers is to save your time and money. They pay close attention to finding the exact kind of home you’re searching for.

  • Avoid Any Closing Issue

You want to avoid any hiccups on the road in the last hours before the house is officially yours. An expert realtor can anticipate problems well in advance, assisting you in overcoming them or finding solutions before it’s too late.

Closing concerns include the following:

  • Errors in documents
  • Unclear Titles
  • Last-minute Requests
  • Delay in Mortgage

You can address these problems and many more with the assistance of an expert realtor, especially if your agent is a member of a reputable, clever, and experienced team. for instance, Blackstone Estate Agents.

What Services do Manchester Real Estate Agents Offer?

What Services do Manchester Real Estate Agents Offer?

Most clients look for someone they can entrust with their possessions and financial resources. They trust that these agents will look out for their best interests. So what do you check for when looking for a real estate company? Customers mostly seek out the kind of help that these syndicates provide.

These are the primary services that real estate companies can offer you:

  1. Buying a property
  2. Selling a property
  3. Property to-let
  4. Property management
  5. Property valuation

Apart from them, there are various other facilities a real estate agent Manchester offers, like negotiating with the other party, rental property inspection, etc.

How Manchester Real Estate Agents Help in Buying a Property?

A competent buyer’s agent can serve as a mentor for you as you search for a property. They’ll take you to homes that meet your criteria, assist you in creating a strong offer, bargain on your behalf, and generally support you through the entire home-buying process.

You may find listed homes that match your preferences and price range with the aid of a buyer’s agent, who will also help you reduce the selections down to the homes that are worth considering.

Given below are the ways a professional real estate agent Manchester help you buy the ideal property:

  • Assist in Finding the Property

You may find listed homes that match your preferences and price range with the aid of a buyer’s agent, who will also help you reduce the selections down to the homes that are worth considering.

A buyer’s agent will also research more details on any listings you locate and send them their way. Agents with access to the multiple listing service have access to more data than you have, even after scrolling through various websites or mobile apps.

  • Guide about Taxation & Neighbourhoods

If you’re a visitor, a buying estate agent in Manchester can give you the inside scoop on local institutions, communities, and more. Even if you are a local, they can provide you with information regarding taxes or zoning that you might need to learn.

  • Arrange The Viewing

Viewing a house in person is far better than scrolling through listing images. If a home is for sale by the owner, your agent will coordinate showing times with the owner or listing agent. They will also inform you of anything they discovered regarding the sellers or the property during that conversation.

  • Advise an Offer

Your realtor will advise on how much to offer and what contingencies to add to the contract once you’ve located a home you want to purchase based on the property and a market study. A professional estate agent company in Manchester will walk you through each stage of the process, clarify the contract details, and address your queries.

  • Negotiations

Your agent will let you know how the seller has responded to your offer and advise you on what to do next, such as whether to accept a counteroffer from the seller or engage in price and terms negotiations.

  • Handle All the Paperwork

Once the deal has been finalised, your agent will start the paperwork. The seasoned real estate agencies handle all documents and make sure everything is transparent and according to the law.

  • Refer to the Professionals

You can get recommendations from real estate agents in Manchester for other experts like real estate lawyers and movers. The house inspector is the sole expert you should look for on your own since you want to ensure that they will be fully unbiased.

How Does Buying Proceed?

How Does Buying Proceed?

There are primarily 10 steps you have to follow to buy any property in the UK. These are:

  • Consultation on Mortgages
  • Mortgage Affordability Assessment 
  • Principled Agreement
  • Find a Lawyer
  • Setting up a Bid
  • Deliver Your Documents
  • Mortgage Application
  • Valuation
  • Offer
  • Final Deal
  • Mortgage Consultation

One of the largest financial decisions of your life is that you’ve opted to buy a house. It can be startling to realise this, especially if you have no prior knowledge.

Here, a committed Blackstone estate agent steps in to assist you with the process. Our team works hard to ensure you come out the other side with a mortgage and your first home, happy and a transaction that works in your favour. Our goal is to relieve you of the tension.

Once you get in touch with us, we’ll schedule a free preliminary mortgage consultation with one of our highly skilled and reputable mortgage experts in Manchester. Before beginning the mortgage procedure, we will examine your information and consider your plans.

  • Mortgage Affordability Assessment

Your advisor will walk you through a mortgage affordability assessment in your free consultation. Your specialised mortgage advisor will quickly go through your monthly income and routine outgoings to assess whether you have the financial resources to make the mortgage payments you’re looking to borrow from a lender every month.

It is crucial because we need to be certain that you can afford your repayments before we present you to a lender. This reduces the possibility of arrears and future repossessions, which the lender will work very hard to avoid if possible.

A lender will also do a mortgage affordability assessment, so the preliminary checks we conduct will assist save time for the lender, us, and most importantly, you by preventing an application from being rejected later on if you fail the affordability test.

  • Mortgage Agreement

The next phase of your session will involve getting you a document known as a Mortgage Agreement in Principle. You might have come across this under other titles if you did any mortgage research before obtaining Manchester First-Time Buyer Mortgage Advice.

These typically go by the terms “Decision in Principle,” “Mortgage in Principle,” and the acronyms “DIP” and “AIP.” The name is the only distinction between them. Apart from that, they all behave in the same way.

  • Find The Right Solicitor

You will need to hire a conveyancer to assist you with the legal aspects of the home-buying process once you have your agreement in principle. Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, transferring the legal ownership of property between parties is known as conveyancing.

Your conveyancing solicitor can manage contracts, provide legal counsel, carry out local council or authority searches, assist with Land Registry issues, and finally transfer the funds you have saved to pay for the home you want to buy. This is a crucial part of your procedure, as is evident from the tasks involved, so you must be sure you choose wisely.

  • Make an Offer

You’ve already spoken with a Manchester real estate agent, obtained a Principled Agreement, passed the Mortgage Affordability Assessment, and located a conveyancing solicitor to assist with the legal aspects of your home-buying process. You’ve now reached halfway, so congrats! Make an offer on a piece of property as your next move!

You will be in a much stronger position to bargain with the seller if you have an Agreement in Principle. Don’t offend the seller by making a lowball offer, but feel free to negotiate a lower price. Compared to someone willing to pay the asking price but hasn’t even started to prepare themselves, the seller will be more inclined to accept your offer if they know you have an AIP with you.

  • Submit Your Documents

The next crucial step is submitting the necessary paperwork to process your mortgage. A mortgage lender won’t just lend to anyone who requests a mortgage, as you may have assumed when such a significant sum of money is involved. They’ve tried this before, and the results could have been better.

The mortgage lender will require you to present various papers to demonstrate your eligibility, your current income from employment, the location of your current residence, and the efficiency with which you manage your money regularly. The same documentation from each party will be needed if you apply for a shared mortgage.

  • Progressing Mortgage Application

Once an offer has been accepted and the terms of your mortgage have been agreed upon, we can submit your complete mortgage application. Your diligent real estate agent Manchester and his staff have ensured everything is in order and verified it, so we are prepared to apply to the lender to obtain a mortgage for you.

Your adviser will submit all the necessary supporting evidence. After that, all that is left to do is wait for them to respond with a decision on whether to approve or reject your application. There is no set time for this; however, our staff will be able to follow up with the lender on this for you until it is made apparent.

  • Property Valuation

The lender will demand that your property have a valuation survey done between submitting your mortgage application and receiving an offer. Approved businesses typically carry these out that the lender designates (someone the lender will trust).

  • Receiving Mortgage Offer

The time has come for the event you have been anticipating since Step One. Your lender has reviewed your case and evaluated all the supporting records. After doing this, they will give you your mortgage offer.

Your friendly Manchester-based team of Mortgage Advisors and Administrators will review the offer on your behalf to ensure everything is accurate and suitable for you. You have undoubtedly grown close to this team during your procedure. Your conveyancing solicitor will conclude your purchase once your mortgage offer has been accepted.

  • Completion

Congratulations! You are now a full-fledged homeowner in Manchester after following the above mentioned steps. We hope you are relieved and prepared to start your new life in your new house now that any previous worry and anxiety have been put behind you.

All you have to do now is to take the keys, start packing your stuff and move in.

Working with a real estate agent is necessary when considering buying a property. They are familiar with every inch of the market and know how to find the right residential or commercial property for you.

For more information, contact Blackstone now!

How Does an Estate Agent Manchester Assist in Selling a Property?

How Does an Estate Agent Manchester Assist in Selling a Property?

A buyer can have real estate agent services in Manchester, and sellers can also obtain them. Hiring a professional real estate company in Manchester like Blackstone is a good idea when you decide to sell your property.

Most people know that real estate agents are involved in selling properties. In Manchester, real estate agents play a vital role in helping to sell your property. Here is how they can help:

  • ValuationProperty: A real estate agent will first provide you with a free instant property valuation. This will give you an idea of your property’s worth and what you can expect to achieve from its sale. The agent will then work with you to agree on an asking price for your property.
  • Marketing & Searching for the Buyer: Once you have agreed on an asking price, the agent will begin marketing your property to potential buyers. This will involve advertising in local newspapers and online and arranging viewings for interested parties. The marketing campaign aims to generate interest in your property and secure a sale at the best possible price.
  • Dealing with the Buyer: When an offer is received for your property, the real estate agent will negotiate on your behalf to try and secure the highest possible price. Once a sale has been agreed upon, the agent will then complete the sale, dealing with any legal issues that may arise along the way.

As you can see, real estate agents play a key role in selling properties in Manchester. If you are thinking of selling your home, be sure to instruct a reputable and experienced agent who can guide you through the process from start to finish.

  • The Selling Process

It’s no secret that estate agents make their money by selling properties. But how do they do it? And what does the process involve?

We’ll explore the different stages of the process, from finding a buyer to negotiating the sale. We’ll also touch on some challenges during the sales process. So if you’re curious about how estate agents sell a property, read on!

  • The Marketing Process

The marketing process is the most important part of selling a property. It will determine how much interest there is in the property and how much it will ultimately sell for. There are a few key steps to marketing a property effectively.

  • Pricing the property correctly – This is the most important step in the marketing process. If a property is priced too high, it will sit on the market and eventually drop in price. This will deter buyers from considering the property as they will think it is overpriced. On the other hand, if a property is priced too low, it may sell quickly but for significantly less than it could have fetched had it been priced correctly from the start.
  • Preparing the property for sale – This step involves ensuring the property is in good condition and presents well. Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living on the property. This can be challenging if personal items are everywhere or the property is in disrepair.
  • Advertising the property – Once the pricing and preparation have been taken care of, it’s time to start getting the word out about the sale. You can do this through online listings, signage, open houses, or other marketing activities.
  • Negotiating with buyers – When offers start coming in, it’s time to start negotiating. The goal here is to get the best possible price for the property while also meeting any conditions that need to be met by the buyer.
  • Closing the sale – Once an offer has been accepted, it’s time to start working towards closing the sale. This involves getting all the paperwork in order and ensuring everything is ready to go on the day of closing.
  • The Viewing Process

The first step in the selling process is to arrange viewings with potential buyers. This usually happens after the buyer has seen the property online and expressed interest in arranging a viewing.

The estate agent will then contact the seller to arrange a convenient time for the viewing. Viewings typically last around 30 minutes, during which time the buyer can ask questions about the property and get a feel for whether it is right for them.

After the viewing, the estate agent will follow up with both the buyer and seller to see if there is any further interest. If so, they will negotiate on behalf of the seller to try and agree on a suitable price and timeframe for the completion of the sale.

  • Negotiating The Sale

When selling a property, estate agents will often negotiate on behalf of their clients to get the best possible price. This can involve haggling with potential buyers and their agents to agree on what is acceptable to both parties.

In most cases, the estate agent will aim to get the highest possible price for their client’s property. However, they will also consider other factors, such as the buyer’s financial situation and how much they are willing to pay. Estate agents will also try to negotiate a quick sale if their client is in a hurry to sell their property.

It is important to remember that estate agents are experienced negotiators and are usually very good at getting the best possible price for their clients. However, consider negotiating to save on commission fees if you sell your property.

  • After The Sale Has Been Agreed

The estate agent will then work with the seller to agree on a final selling price and sign the contract. Once the contract has been signed, the estate agent will market the property to potential buyers. The marketing of the property will include things such as open houses, online listings, and flyers.

The estate agent will also work with buyers interested in purchasing the property. Once a buyer has made an offer, the estate agent will negotiate with the buyer to get the best possible price for the seller.

  • The Conveyancing Process

The conveyancing process is the legal process of transferring property ownership from one person to another. It is typically conducted by a licensed conveyancer or solicitor and can take several weeks to complete.

The first step in the conveyancing process is for the seller to appoint a conveyancer or solicitor to act on their behalf. The conveyancer will then prepare the necessary paperwork and send it to the buyer’s conveyancer or solicitor.

The second step is for the buyer’s conveyancer or solicitor to check that the property is free from any legal issues which could impact its value or make it difficult to sell in the future. They will also conduct local searches to check for planning permission applications and environmental issues.

Once all of this has been checked and approved, the next step is for the buyer’s conveyancer or solicitor to draw up a contract of sale. This contract will detail everything agreed upon between the buyer and seller, including the price, completion date, and special conditions.

Once both parties have signed the contract, it is sent to the Land Registry to be registered in the new owner’s name. Once this has been done, completion can take place and ownership of the property will be transferred to the buyer.

  • Completion of The Sale

The completion of the sale is when the buyer and seller sign the contract and exchange money. The estate agent will usually be present to ensure everything goes smoothly. Once the money has been exchanged, the property is officially sold, and the estate agent will receive their commission.

There’s no one right way to sell a property, but there are some things that all successful estate agents have in common. They understand the market, work hard, and always look for new ways to market their properties. If you’re considering selling your property, we hope that these tips have given you a better understanding of how estate agents operate and how you can increase your chances of success.

How Can You Get Rental Property With Estate Agent Manchester?

How Can You Get Rental Property With Estate Agent Manchester?

Many websites and property management programmes are a go-between for landlords and tenants. Hundreds of units are typically listed on these sites, and prospective tenants can peruse listings from their computers or mobile devices.

Classified advertisements, rental periodicals, multiple listing services, and yard signs can still be seen in some smaller cities and villages.

You might be wondering if someone can assist you as a possible renter with all this overwhelming information accessible to you. Here are 6 excellent reasons we advise hiring a real estate agent: 

  1. to understand more about what they do, 
  2. to give them a chance to assist you in finding your future home.
  • It’s Usually Free

When you hire estate agent services in Manchester, they often won’t charge you anything because the landlord will cover the cost of their work. The expense to the landlord of renting to a tenant who a renters’ agent represents might occasionally be as high as one month’s rent. Again, though, it’s not a concern of yours.

  • Honest Opinion

Dealing with a renters’ real estate agent can be fantastic because he will be working for you while being paid by the landlord, similar to going to a car dealership where the staff is non-commission. Thanks to this, money is no longer an issue, at least not between you and the real estate agent company in Manchester. This implies that both parties may seek to locate for you the greatest apartment at the best cost in the best area.

A partnership without hidden agendas between you and the real estate agent results in a less stressful encounter.

  • Familiar With the Market

We know that you are computer literate and can search through all the websites online, locate the rental periodicals still in circulation, and even drive around neighbourhoods looking for for-rent signs. You could produce a lovely representation of every rental available in the areas you like and within your price range because you are brilliant at Excel and enjoy creating spreadsheets.

Our point is that if a renters’ agent can handle all of that work for you, there is no good reason for you to have to do it yourself. You have the option to accept or reject any information that is presented to you and to request more options. What might be simpler?

  • Negotiating Skills

In Manchester, it’s common for a renter to counter-bid with £1700 if a landlord publishes an apartment for £1800. Another person can negotiate lower monthly rent in exchange for a longer lease. Your renters’ agent might be of assistance if you feel apprehension about these kinds of business transactions because they will act as a liaison between you and the landlord.

As you wait to see if your offer is accepted, let your agent do the dirty work of negotiating.

  • Credit Issues

Today’s landlords are much more selective than they used to be. Some will ask for documents like your prior landlord’s lease, employer’s name, monthly salary, permission to examine your credit report, and other pertinent information on an application.

You risk getting your application denied immediately if you fill it out carelessly or with errors. A competent renters’ agent can guide you through the procedure while carefully editing your application.

If you have poor credit, it could be a problem and lead to an immediate rejection of applications. However, a renters’ agent will work for you and be able to articulate to the landlord or rental agency why you would be at a better credit risk than your credit report might suggest.

  • Schedule Your Meetings

Imagine dealing with ten different landlords while also attempting to find time in your already packed schedule to see each one’s property. If something unforeseen occurs, you’ll undoubtedly spend a lot of time on the phone and scheduling new appointments. You can do this task faster if an agent is there to assist you.

Tell the agent what times are convenient for you, and let them handle the scheduling. Simply showing up and deciding whether or not you enjoy the place is all that is required.

But give yourself plenty of time to conduct a personal home inspection. To ensure you cover all the crucial areas, you should create a checklist for a complete inspection.

Finding the Right Rental Property For You

Finding the Right Rental Property For You

Real estate companies are an excellent tool to get a property to let in Manchester. When you hire one, you can sit back and relax while they’ll be doing everything for you.

This section will provide you with every step you need to follow to get the best rental property for you:

  • Deciding Moving Date

Before looking for a house to let in, you must decide when to move in. Do you need a house urgently, or are you not in a hurry? This helps you to get your desired home before it gets vacated.

  • Budget

You’re looking for a home for rent, and it’s crucial to decide your budget first. This makes the estate agent’s job a lot easier to show you the best possible rental properties within your budget.

  • Property Locating

Your budget is decided, and now, your estate agent will show you different sites where you can find the best residential or commercial property to let in Manchester within your budget.

  • Property Viewing

Your rental agent showed you some homes, and you chose one. The next step is viewing. Your real estate agent Manchester will arrange a visit for you. This way, you’ll see the inside of the site yourself.

  • Application

To get your chosen place, you will apply for tenancy. Blackstone Estate Agent Manchester will provide you with the tenancy form, and you have to return them as soon as possible after filling it.

  • Referencing

You’ll have to submit a reference letter from your prospective owner with the application form. This will indicate that you never had rent payments or any other issues with the landlord.

  • Deposit Fee Submission

The deposit fee is charged to cover any damage to the property during your tenancy and will be repaid once you move out.

You are liable to keep the property in excellent shape and return it in the same condition the landlord gave it to you. If there is any damage, it will be repaired with your deposit money after you move out.

  • Inventory

Our Property Management team will create an inventory of the entire property’s contents and condition before your move-in.

To minimise the potential of any issues about damage at the end of the tenancy, the tenant and landlord must agree on the inventory before the leasing agreement is finalised.

  • Content Insurance

Even if your landlord has insurance on the building itself, it is unlikely that this coverage can protect your goods in the event of fire, theft, floods, or other damage. As a result, we will give you content protection for your belongings.

  • Moving In

Until here, everything has been finalised, and you are set up to move in. But before that, you need to visit our head office to sign the tenancy agreement, inventory, and other legal documentation.

  • Inspection

On the landlord’s behalf, we’ll regularly inspect the property. To keep it convenient for you, we’ll inform you earlier about it. We inspect the houses a few times a year. If the owner decides to do it on his own, he’ll contact you before visiting.

How Does an Estate Agent Manchester Value a Property?

How Does an Estate Agent Manchester Value a Property?

Whether you’re about to sell your commercial property or buy a new one, real estate agents help you get your property evaluated. They are professionally trained and consider various factors to determine the exact price of your residence or commercial property.

There are multiple factors which directly impact the value of any real estate. These include:

  • Size and Vacant Space

The size of the property directly impacts its value. Bigger the estate, the higher the value is and vice versa. Apart from that, the available space also affects the price. How much more room can be created always adds to the worth.

  • Location

Location is another vital factor to be considered when valuing your property. Real Estates looking in deserted areas are less worthy than those in communities. The locations which add to the value are:

  • Transport and road links
  • Water and green open spaces
  • Schools
  • Leisure and recreational facilities
  • Shops and restaurants
  • Employment opportunities
  • Crime rate

In short, location is the key to higher profit when selling your property.

  • Condition

The worth of your property is also determined by its condition. Leaking rooftops, broken windows, poor sanitation etc., plays a significant role in devaluing your property.

  • Outdated Features

If any of your house’s features are outdated, like the sink, toilet seat etc., it will cause a price decrease. Therefore, keeping your house updated is the key to increasing its value.

  • Customisation Potential

Most buyers look for a property which they could customise in future. Therefore, if your house or commercial property can bear an addition to its structure, it will create a positive impact on your property.

  • Real Estate Market

The market is also a significant factor that adds or subtracts your property’s value. People have more jobs, make more money, and are more likely to invest in homes when the economy grows. House prices rise as a result of this increasing demand. In contrast, when earnings are low, and unemployment is high, fewer individuals can afford to move, which causes a decline in real estate values.

There are some other factors too which have a minimum impact on the home’s worth, that include:

  • Neighbourhood
  • Parking
  • Traffic and Noise
  • Energy supply
  • The threat of any natural disaster, like the flood

How an Estate Agent Manchester Manages Your Property?

How an Estate Agent Manchester Manages Your Property?

Let’s say you are a busy landlord and need more time to inspect how your property is doing. In such conditions, property management companies in Manchester step in. Whether you have rented your property, are going out of town, or are busy in your business, a real estate agent will take good care of your properties.

When you have property managers on your side, you don’t have to worry about anything. From maintenance to security and cleaning, they’ll manage everything.

Property Management Services in Manchester include:

  • Account & Financing: they will manage all the financial matters, including deposits, service charges, and rent.
  • Concierge Services: They’ll act as a reception for visitors, handle security, and receive posts and deliveries.
  • Communal Facilities: Operating, maintaining, and cleaning amenities like parking, gardens, gyms, lounges, and halls.

Managing a property requires a great deal of experience and a lot of time. It is difficult for a busy business person like you to manage your business and properties.

But Blackstone Property Management Services in Manchester ease your burden. When you hire us, you can put all your efforts and energies into your business while we’ll take good care of your property. On your behalf, we’ll inspect your rented houses, collect rent and all deliveries, ensure their maintenance, and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Blackstone Estate Agents now!


Whether you are buying a home or selling, want a rental property or valuation, hiring an estate agent in Manchester is the best choice. They are experts and are aware of changing market trends. This way, they can bring the best out of your real estate investment.

Blackstone Estate Agents is a professional real estate company that offers a wide range of services, including property selling, buying, letting, valuation, and management. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of customer service, and our team of experienced agents is always available to offer advice and assistance.

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