If real estate investors lived in a perfect world, they would sell a property the moment it became available on the market, and then they could take as much time as they wanted to find their next investment. Although it would be ideal never to be in a situation where a real estate investor has to acquire and sell properties simultaneously, such is life in the real world.

Strike a balance between your needs and those of your investors when you buy a new investment property and sell an existing one. While there are certain factors you can’t change, you may take steps to help the process go more smoothly. Here are five helpful hints for making the most of the opportunity to purchase and sell a property simultaneously.

Point # 01 – Assess the Real Estate Industry 

Your first step in the process is to prioritise selling your present investment property or purchasing a new one. If you want to make smart decisions about buying and selling real estate, you need to do a market study.

Furthermore, this is of paramount significance if you want to sell your home fast or another property in one market and purchase a property in another. In this instance, you need to know how both markets are doing. As a real estate investor, you can tell if you’re in a sellers’ or a buyers’ market based on how long it takes to buy and sell (or, more technically, how many days properties are listed for sale).

  • Buyer’s Market: There are more homes available than those wanting to purchase. Property investors may identify and acquire new investment homes with greater ease than they can sell existing ones in the current market.
  • Seller’s Market: There are more purchasers in the market than there are properties available. Your investment property is more likely to sell my house quickly in this market than it is to locate a new tenant.

Point # 02 – Strong Understanding of Ins and Outs of your Financials

The second piece of advice for a real estate investor is to determine what is financially possible based on your current and future property holdings. If you want to know how much house you can afford and how much your present home is worth, you should talk to a mortgage lender and a financial counsellor. It’s easier to say which route is best after first knowing your financial situation, including how much cash you have on hand, how much equity you have in your investment property, and what kind of loan you can get.

Your investment property’s fair market value can be determined through a combination of the results of a house inspection and a comparative market study. The inspection to sell your home fast results will reveal how much work is required to get the house ready for sale. Moreover, a CMA tool may reveal the prices at which comparable homes in your region have recently sold.

Finally, if you have a mortgage and plan to sell your home fast, you should calculate the amount of equity you currently have in the property. The equity in your home is the sum remaining after deducting the balance of your mortgage from the property’s current market value. Remember that you will be able to cash out your equity once you sell the home. Thus, consider whether you can afford to acquire the new investment property without using the equity in your current home.

Hire an Estate Agent

Point # 03 – Hire an Agent 

It’s good to have a pro on your side while trying to buy and sell your home quickly. A knowledgeable real estate agent can evaluate the status of the local market and advise you on whether you are in a buyer’s or seller’s market. Furthermore, suppose you’re purchasing in a different property market. In that case, consider hiring a second agent that is specialised in that region and has a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances there.

Find out how much your present investment property is worth with the help of your real estate agent. To assist you in getting your home sold quickly and at a good profit so you can move on to the next phase of your life, a real estate agent will utilise their expertise in the market to recommend a listing price. A real estate agent may help you with more than just finding a buyer or seller; they can also advise you on the best time to sell or purchase, the best way to market your home, and how to bargain with other interested parties.

Keep in mind that selling and purchasing a home simultaneously is no easy feat. That said, you should wait to hire the first real estate agent you meet. Rather, choose a reliable specialist who can advise you on sound financial matters.

Point # 04 – Start Buying Early

Since you’ll be selling and purchasing at the same time, it makes sense to begin looking for a new investment property as soon as possible. Do some window shopping to see what the market offers while you get your present home ready for sale. Ultimately, this will help you zero in on the greatest investment property.

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Start Buying Early

Point # 05 – Make Preparations in Advance

Our final piece of advice is always to be ready for the unexpected when buying and selling real estate. If you are fortunate enough to be in a buyer’s market, you can purchase your second rental property before selling your first. For maximum real estate investment profit, consider renting it out. As such, get ready to play the role of landlord while also attempting to sell your home fast.

Concluding Remarks

Buying or selling a home for investment purposes on its own may be a stressful experience; thus, you can only imagine how unpleasant it would be to acquire and sell properties at the same time. However, real estate investors can at least be certain that things will flow smoothly if they follow the advice mentioned above.